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Amazing timelapse video shot in Yosemite (hat tip Greg Wilson)!

I’ve been living in the Bay Area for 2.5 years now and I’m kinda of ashamed to say that I’ve never made it down to Yosemite. I’ve also been wanting to try timelapse photography. With the Michron I backed on Kickstarter earlier this year that should be a no-brainer but I haven’t been able to take it out for a spin yet. Ok… What am I doing still typing this? I should just be hopping in my car right now and go try a nice timelapse of the Golden Gate Bridge. And you know what? That’s exactly what I’ll do today. Hope to share it later today :)

When I grow up I want to be a 3D animator.

Check out these typography posters! May have to order a few of these!

Introducing Adobe Voice: Telling a Story With Impact.

Available on iPad today. Oh… And it’s free!

First ever live stream from space!

This just blew my mind. NASA installed 4 HD cameras on the International Space Station and is streaming them live (on Ustream) back to earth. Amazing.

Black Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth. 
Gray Image = Switching between cameras, or communications with the ISS is not available.
No Audio = Normal. There is no audio on purpose. Add your own soundtrack.

Check the location of ISS here.

What would you do with 282,000 matchsticks and 1950 hours to spare?

Pat Acton built a giant 1/26 scaled model of the completed ISS. And that’s not even his biggest project! Back in 2007 Pat also built a scale model of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts with 602,000 matchsticks. He started this hobby back in the 70’s and has since finished 68 different models ranging from smaller local buildings to the new New York WTC.

(via Sploid)

7 Simple Photography Hacks - Definitely want to try a couple of these.

The illusion of life: 12 basic principles of animation developed by the ‘old men’ of Walt Disney Studios

Behind the scenes with the guy who created the creatures in Star Wars.

Rebooting my blog on Tumblr

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging again. I know I said this before but I really do miss it. The last couple of days I’ve been looking at the types of things that I want to blog about and different blogging platforms. One thing I was certain about is that I never wanted to go back to a self-hosted blog.

My previous blog was running on Octopress and hosted in an S3 bucket. That was a perfect setup. No need to worry about being hacked or keeping the server and blogging software up to date and the cost… well… peanuts. But Octopress didn’t give me enough freedom. I wanted to blog on my phone/tablet. I wanted to quickly be able to share something without having to think about it too much. After looking at Wordpress (the .com version), Ghost, and many other smaller platforms I finally decided on Tumblr (yes… Tumblr).

Tumblr gives me everything I was looking for. And so here we are… Welcome to blog version oh I don’t remember and it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’ll probably archive my old blog somewhere but this is now my blogging home. A place to blog about things that inspire me. A cool video, an amazing photo, a project on Behance, stuff I’ve been playing around with, … I hope (and think) Tumblr will remove all the previously existing barriers and make me blog again on a regular basis.

I still have some tweaking to do but for now… welcome to my new home :)