Get Your Flash Catalyst & Flash Builder Beta Now

fc100.jpgfb100.jpgWe’ve been talking about Flash Catalyst (the project formerly known as Thermo) and Flash Builder 4 (the updated and renamed Flex Builder) for quite some time now. Today, we’re releasing the first public beta for both products.

I am really excited (and I’m pretty sure all of us at Adobe are) to see what you guys are going to create with these new tools and how it’s going to improve your workflow. You can get the betas on Adobe Labs. To help you get started, we’ve created a bunch of tutorials and samples to get you going. I’ve just listed a couple of them here. For more tutorials and samples, check out the Adobe Developer Connection. Flash on!

Flash Catalyst: Getting started with Adobe Flash Catalyst beta | Adobe Developer Connection-1.jpgThe purpose of this tutorial is to introduce designers, familiar with Photoshop, to the basic concepts and workflow involved in using the beta version of Flash Catalyst.

This tutorial covers all the skills and techniques needed to take a concept from a static file to a completed interactive, multimedia interface.

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fcfbdcd.jpgIn this tutorial Andrew Shorten shows you how to build an employee address book application that lets users enter search criteria and view a list of results fetched from a database (via a ColdFusion service), from which they can select an employee to get their full contact information. The completed application could work either as a browser-based application (using Adobe Flash Player) or a desktop application (using Adobe AIR).

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Flash Builder 4: mattchotin.jpgMatt Chotin (product manager for Flex) provides an overview of what you’ll encounter as you play with the new SDK and framework.

The work on the Flex SDK has been focused around three primary themes: “Design in Mind”, “Developer Productivity”, “Framework Evolution”.

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buntel.jpgTim Buntel (product manager for Flash Builder) provides an overview of what’s new in Flash Builder 4. While the name has changed, this is still the evolution of Flex Builder 3—a professional-grade, Eclipse-based development tool designed to help you rapidly build rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open-source Flex framework—but with an incredible collection of powerful new features.

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For more information, tutorials and samples for Flash Builder 4, check out