mTwit Sneak Peak: Flash Lite Twitter Client

UPDATE: I’m making good progress but it’s far from done… Check out the follow up article for a progress update and sneak peak video.

mtwitsneak.jpgEating our own dog food is a big part of being an evangelist. I also like to challenge myself every now and then and so I started building a Flash Lite Twitter client that can run on most Flash Lite enabled phones.

This is just a quick sneak peak and it’s far from ready but I’ll update you on the progress through my blog. I don’t really have a deadline. However, the sneak peak you see here is the result of just 2 days of work so I should be able to finish it soon.

I hope Jonnie from DestroyToday doesn’t mind me using the DestroyTwitter color scheme. I really love how clean that design is and I’m trying to bring some of that to my mobile client.

Stay tuned!