onAIR Tour Part 2 Almost Sold Out / 26 Days to Go

At this moment there are only 37525 minutes left for you to register for the second leg of the onAIR tour. That’s 26 days before we start travelling from northern to southern Europe. In case you forgot, we are doing this onAIR tour by train and there are some pretty challenging routes we have to take this time. We start in Stockholm on June 2nd and end in Milan on June 13th. I don’t know if my evangelist buddies have already seen this but our first train ride, from Stockholm to Berlin, is going to be 15 hours. Our train-ride from Madrid to Paris was a good rehearsal but this one is even longer. I’m already stacking up on extra batteries etc and I’m gonna make sure my 3G card works. Maybe we should carry a power generator on the train so we don’t run out of juice :-)

I remember that in one of his videos, Lee Brimelow says that “Europe isn’t that big”. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna change that statement by the end of this tour.

Again looking forward to this tour… We are visiting some really beautiful cities, some of which I’ve never been to myself. We’re doing Stockholm, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Munich and Milan. If you weren’t aware of this yet, we are also giving away a bunch of goodies and for the second part of the tour we’re getting everyone a copy of the Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers book and a copy of the RIA ActionScript 3 printed reference guide. They weren’t ready in time to take on the first leg but don’t worry if you came to the first part of the tour, you’ll receive an email soon with details on how you can get them as well. In the meantime, you can download these books.

Oh… Did I already mention the tour is almost sold out? So if you haven’t registered yet (it’s free by the way), now is the time to do so! Register at onair.adobe.com. Hope to see you in Stockholm, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Munich or Milan!