Google Officially Supports Analytics AIR Application

One of the AIR applications that we demo a lot and perfectly shows the possibilities of AIR (including PDF integration), is the Google Analytics AIR application built by Nicolas Lierman at Boulevart.Yesterday, I visited Boulevart and recorded a video interview with Nicolas and Wim in which they tell you why they love AIR so much and show you a sneak peak of the upcoming new version for the Analytics application. Besides a whole bunch of new features, it will also get a new and to my opinion spectacular look. Boulevart’s designers are really going wild on skinning the Flex components. You won’t even recognize some of them.At the end of the video, I asked the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since this app first surfaced. Is Boulevart now working with Google to make this new version of the application? Their answer is really exciting. Google is now officially supporting the development of this app and Boulevart is in close contact with the Google Analytics team to make sure the AIR app has all the latest and upcoming Analytics features present. Google will also host the app on the Google domain once it is released. The release is now slated for the end of March. For more information about the Analytics Suite, go to

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